About Me

Greetings and welcome to my collection of Railway Photographs. Ever since I visited the Talyllyn Railway at an early age of about one, I have always had a strong passion for Steam. This gradually evolved into an interest for photography after I acquired an old Pentax ME 35mm camera at the age of 11 back in 1994. For Seven years, this 1977 built camera was my first choice camera. It was only in 2001 that I upgraded to a well overdue Nikon SLR, the F65.

In June 2007, I joined the digital age when I was given a Nikon DSLR as a graduation present by my parents. This has proved to be a revelation in terms of the ease of image processing and (hopefully) quality. Since 2008, I have had my work published in leading railway magazines such as "Steam Railway", “Heritage Railway” and “The Railway Magazine”. My work can also be found on display at the Severn Valley Railways state of the art “Engine House” Museum.

I hope that you have enjoyed my photographs as much as I have enjoyed taking them and would like to think that you will you will return again soon.

Kind Regards

Phil Jones